Our Philippine project is titled “The Sustainable Diner”, and in March 2020, it conducted a large summit to recap and communicate on project achievements and publications, tools and interventions © WWF-Philippines

A summit to get stakeholders together and recap

On 3 March 2020, the Philippine component of our project organised a large summit to get stakeholders from different backgrounds together (national agencies and local government units; food, beverage and hospitality sectors; academic institutes; civil society; media), and to recap on project progress. The project started in summer 2017, and has thus been going on for nearly three years. 

The Sustainable Diner focuses its interventions on several aspects:

  • working with the food service sector (restaurants, hotels) on getting them to offer sustainable dining options and improving their sustainability performance (local and sustainable food sourcing, food waste reduction, water and energy efficiency, avoidance of single-use plastics, plant-based dining options)
  • working on increasing awareness among the dining public for the impact of their choice of diet (e.g. meat vs. plan-based options)
  • working with local governments of key touristic destinations and with the national government on integrating sustainability considerations into their policy strategies, planning and sectoral development

In this quest, the project has produced a number of studies and resources, such as a food waste management case study, a feasibility study on a food donation programme, a cost-benefit analysis on sustainable business approaches, a food service life-cycle assessment, eco-labelling criteria for the food service sector, and environmental teaching manuals for primary and secondary school teachers.

© WWF-Philippines

You can download The Sustainable Dinner Summit Manual here, which gives an overview of the project resource materials. TheSustDiner_Summit_Manual_March2020

More information on the Philippines website.