The consultation workshop discussed the research findings as recommendations towards the promotion of a policy instrument to achieve deforested-free food supply chains in the context of environmental sustainability and rural community development. The workshop also aimed to provide an open space for cross-learning and feedback on the research findings from key representatives of supporting government ministries, civil society organizations, and private sectors.

Lead Researcher Dr. Kannika Thampanishvong from TDRI highlighted the importance of Thailand as a key player in the world’s agricultural and food sectors, being both a prominent regional food producer and consumer. Food is an important sector in terms of the country’s economic development and income generation. Nevertheless, the country is facing serious environmental challenges due to the rapid growth of the agricultural sector, such as water and air pollution. It is pivotal to restore the environment, stop the destruction of forest resources and ecosystem services, implement sustainable food systems and promote climate change mitigation.

Handout with policy recommendations

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