Project Goals

The WWF SCP project aims to help the three targeted countries achieve GHG emission reductions and an increasingly sustainable development. This will be achieved through:

  • the development of strategies for national governments to reduce GHG emissions through the adoption of policies that promote SCP,
  • integration of SCP principles in corporate decisions and planning, and
  • achieving changes in consumer behaviour as a result of awareness raising activities such as campaigns, and supporting companies to improve consumer information.

The project engages in the following activities:

  1. Engagement of political representatives and government officials, promoting dialogue and raising the topic in the political agenda as well as delivering capacity building workshops, analyses and a “policy business case” for SCP adoption. Alongside, development of policy recommendations for a GHG reduction concept through SCP in the agri-food sector together with the responsible national government agencies.
  2. Engagement with priority companies to foster dialogue with other food systems stakeholders, including the creation of roundtable platforms, as well as demonstrating the business case for sustainability, and identifying capacity building needs that can take companies to the next level in their journey of integrating SCP principles into business decisions.
  3. Communication and campaigning, community engagement and dissemination of information materials. Motivating consumers to think about components of a sustainable lifestyle, and thus increasing demand for sustainably produced goods and services.